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Welcome To Claremont

Claremont is a not for profit organisation.  The company provides Supported Living Accommodation to Vulnerable Adults.  The Directors of the company have over 25 years experience in this area and aim to provide a service that is tailored to meet the individual needs of their clients.

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Our Vision

The agreed vision for Claremont is:

To excel in the provision of House Services
for vulnerable groups who are at risk of
Homelessness & Social Exclusion.

“Empowering Tenants to Live Independently”

Our Mission Statement

Claremont have a Social Conscience and aim to be a focal point for the provision of Supported Living Accommodation Services delivered in a high quality and integrated way by empowering our Tenants in order that they develop the life skills needed in order to maintain a tenancy, live independently and realise their full potential.

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Who Are We?

Claremont has over 25 years experience of providing Supported Living Accommodation to Vulnerable Adults.  Our aim is to empower our tenants so that they can develop the Life Skills needed in order to live independently.

We believe that our tenants have the right to live in an environment where they feel safe from harm and are empowered to inform the decision making process. Our tenants are encouraged to participate in a range of activities and are supported by our friendly qualified staff.

We are currently in the process of expanding our business by acquiring more properties in order that we can help those at risk of Social Exclusion whose Housing and Support Needs are not adequately met by the current Commercial Housing Market.  We pride ourselves on the diverse range of client groups that we cater for and have an excellent reputation for providing a high quality Support Service.